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Monday, January 8

"Hey Rubble D! Where my smokes at?!"

Good stuff lately (also known in D-town as A-1 Sauce):
  • human bowling. on ice.
  • chocolate cake.
  • ultimate spoons.
  • not lang.
  • "You can't do that-that doesn't work! Ciara spelled C-Y-A-R-A spells Ciara! Wait..."
  • this.
  • doing the Janice accent from Friends. ("Chandluh, you nevah cwall...")
  • convincing Linda and Amanda O. that we need to do a pie-in-the-face fundraiser like last year, only with the library ladies in the running.
  • late-night theology.
  • singing in a camp shower at the top of your lungs, with like ten other people (not in the same shower, you dirty birdie!)
  • bruised knees. (see "human bowling")
  • traveling broomball trophy.
  • AO when she first wakes up.
  • concussions. (see "human bowling")
  • egyptian rat race.
  • hearing a 40-year-old woman say, "jo'mamma"- complete with hand signs.
  • fish that survive a whole weekend without being fed.
  • Mr. Melby saying "buckage."

That's everything at the moment, I think.


At 1/09/2007 3:34 PM, Blogger m_kummet said...

let us not forget the event of today!

melby to "ghetto/emo kids" who are making out while he is on hall duty......"Can you breathe?"



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