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Tuesday, February 20

Rough, Like Elbow Skin.

I know, I hate to follow up such an optimistic post from Jules with this, but today was not such a good day.
First of all, the pepfest. Wow, what was the point? Every captain said "Our team had a great season" and no one would take up my chant of "herpes, herpes" when the wrestlers went up. And, um, what was with Carl's "story?"
Next, I forgot to do my Spanish homework, and I hate scrambling in the middle of class to make up some sort of crap.
Oh, and chemistry was crazy. I dumped-yes, dumped- sodium hydroxide, which happens to be a strong and caustic base, all over myself. Really. All over myself. I guess that's what you get when your lab partners don't show up to class, and you have to use a freaking funnel into like a one-centimeter hole all by yourself. On the plus side, my lab notebook got soaked and is pretty much toxic now, so maybe Lundgren won't look at it too close when she grades it. Huh, look at all those red spots on my arms...
There were some bright moments today, though- like the slip-n-slide in H-link. I don't know who did it, but I wish I'd thought of that. I don't know what was funnier, seeing people slide past my locker or watching Rusk and the janitors freak out.
Oh, and we did absolutely nothing in econ, which is nice. At least, we did nothing as always but we at least called it nothing today.
Maybe today's not so rough. I don't have any homework at least, so I'm going to go geek out with my favorite Japanese TV show.

Monday, February 19

Looking up!

It was a rough winter so far. Seriously. But I have good news: my leg no longer has a huge gouge in it and I left my house yesterday. Granted, the only things I did with my new freedom included watching ghost rider, going to t-bell, and playing flameball, but it was still a much needed break. The day I got diagnosed with mono I got my stitches out at the same time. Here's an updated pic. The scar will be beautiful. Such is life. Well, my life.

Friday, February 16

a conversation

my dad: You know that car we looked at for you yesterday?

me: Yeah, what about it?

m.d.: Well, it sold.

me: Already? Wow, it just came in... crap, I was so excited about it! Arghh.... now we have to keep looking...

m.d.: I bought it.

Weird. Mark it on your calendars folks, March 5 is the day I officially (and finally) take my driver's test and find out if I join the ranks of the typical mobile American teenager, or am forever doomed to the big yellow school bus.

Saturday, February 10

wup wuuup!

Friday, February 9

"Hi, my name is ___ and I plan to attend a liberal college."

That was an epic quote from an unnamed Miss Nisswa contestant.

So, yeah... Miss Nisswa is tonight. Pretty sure it will be very interesting. The judges grilled us today in our personal interviews- we had to answer questions like "How would you define success?" or "Alcohol and drugs seem to be very prevalent these days. Have you ever been pressured to try them, and if so, how did you deal with it?" Speaking of grilling, the stage is apparently decorated to look like a grill, with "Hot, Hot, Hot" on the wall behind it in big red and yellow letters. The runway has sporks and plastic plates and the stage has flames and two big dials turned on "hot." I feel like a piece of meat.
But all that aside, tonight should be fun. If everything goes well, I'll throw my maraca into the crowd after/during our dance and use the word "ridiculous" or "whimsical" in my impromptu question.
But I have to go get ready. I'll update later.

one month and counting

I have mono. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.
That's really about all I have to say.
The universe must hate me.

one month and counting