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Thursday, July 13

So we are off to Detroit! Hopefully I'll pack in a full day of mosh pits and loud music at Sonshine tomorrow first, come back way crazy late at night, and drive down to the cities at 5:30 am Saturday morning. Haha yesssss. I have decided being the youngest child is a great thing; by the time my parents get around to me they don't really care about what happens because I should be able to figure it out. They are like, "What? You want to go to a four day music festival in Wilmar to listen to people we've never heard of and with people we don't really know? Ok...and sure you can drive. Be home sometime. Whenever. We understand." What ever. I only hope David Crowder Band will be incredible. I know it will be.

Detroit should be really cool too, but I am somewhat uneasy about it. I have been there three times and loved every time, but right now it feels like everything (pretty much EVERYthing) in my life is happening at the wrong time, so I am not sure what will happen. Hm..interesante, no? It is a place I love, though, and it is 600 miles away from Brainerd. And I love flying and airports. Any time I am in an airport, I always feel like I know everyone there, even though I don't recognize even one person. Strange.

I went to the orthopedic surgeon about my broken finger yesterday, and he told me that I have miraculously managed not to displace it (yet), but that it isn't really healing and that I have three more weeks of flicking everyone and everything off. At least, this is my translation. I am actually quite disappointed. But I will have a sweet tanline. (see? i'm an optimist). Shut up 3D.

So this has been me "thinking some thoughts." haha, don't ask. "Sometimes it's windy, but sometimes not!"

Monday, July 10

The College Board? What do they know, anyway?

My AP scores came in the mail today. (I decided to stick it to the man and not pay the stupid college board to find out a whole 10 days early.) Pretty sure I got ripped off when it came to my AP Lit score. Either that, or Hewitt was lying to us all year. I wonder how he sleeps at night in Daytona. I'm ticked.
But, I'm a little consoled because I am going to see my all-time favorite band in concert on Friday night. David Crowder Band is definitely the best band ever... and I'm sure I'll get shot for a statement like that. Have you noticed that people tend to be violently opinionated about their music?
Speaking of getting shot, Julie and I leave Saturday morning for good old inner-city Detroit for two weeks, so this blog is going to get really quiet for a while. To our 4-5 occasional readers/commenters, I'm sorry. Go read the Manly Mustaches blog for entertainment. (Not like we're really entertaining...)
Oh, and by the way, Jules, should we bother taking the Tabasco to Detroit? Beth's going to Poland at the same time... maybe we can beat her.

Wednesday, July 5

Happy Belated

Happy belated Screw England Day. We were lying under the fireworks at the highschool and contemplating the independence of our country (obviously--after all, what else would you be thiking about?!), and it just came out: "I love how we have a whole day just to say "screw England." Then Cameron decided the finale of the fireworks should have big letters burst in red, white, and blue saying SCREW ENGLAND across the sky to show our extreme patriotism and love of our country (and hatred for others). Harsh? perhaps. Ironic? happy belated Screw England Day.