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Wednesday, November 29

I gave blood today. It was way cooler and easier than I thought.

This is us making cupcakes a bit ago...which makes me really want a cupcake right now. But I like this picture because I think it is funny. Amy is (of course) the photogenic superstar, I'm sure I'm being a dork, and Rachel is probly laughing at us both and not sure she really wants that nastiness on her fingers. Did anyone see the James Taylor tribute on tv tonight? Yeah, I guess I really am a dork. I fell asleep on a road trip to Portland last year with my ipod on Best of James Taylor with repeat on. Pretty sure I now know all of those songs many times over (sidenote: my favorite is easily "you can close your eyes").

I was talking to my big bro the other day about life and love and why, and at the end he said, "Smalls, you need a cup of hazel and a long road trip to no where in particular." I completely agree. I would love to hop in the curvy, taking about nothing except interstates, my cd collection, a smoothe--yes, with an 'e'--hazelnut latte and just go. Heck, I might even listen to some James of the Taylor. What a beautiful thought.

Friday, November 24

true stories from coloradee

Hey all,

I guess I won't let this blog crash and burn so impulsively. Right now I'm hanging at my sister's little house in Colorado Springs with her and Kirkypoo, her hubby. I got here like 2:30am on Thanksgiving morning (layover in minneapolis set it back a bit), and spent all of Thanksgiving day hanging out with her and kirk and two of their friends, trying to keep the house from burning down (she doesn't cook often and the "browned pecans" nearly burnt the house down) while they sipped champagne. She bought me organic sparkling cider. I thought it was funny. After sleeping off a lot of turkey--it was the first turkey I had eaten on Thanksgiving in five years--last night, i woke up late to some majestic mountains and nearly fell down the stairs because the altitude makes me a little dizzy at random times. Pretty much every time I bend over to spit out toothpaste after I brush my teeth I stumble sidewards a bit like a drunken idiot. Ahh, good times.

Today my sister and I decided to go look for a Christmas Ball dress, being that I am going to the dance but don't have one and don't feel like looking, and so we hit up the mall and I found one. Holy cannoli! It's diece, classy, rawk awesome (though I am unabashedly biased), and red. True story. Then we knocked up starbucks and rei and came back for...turkey. She and Kirky put up Christmas decorations and I read psych and listened to her 8 hour holiday playlist while she sang loudly. What a nerd. I forgot how much I miss my sister. She is pretty crass sometimes, but sooo dang funny. We were driving home from blockbuster tonight and kirk mentioned Katie Holmes and my sister just yelled "whore mother!" really loud like 9 times every time Kirk opened his mouth to say anything. This might not make sense, but it fits her personality and strikes me as hilarious every time. We also went out to some awesome mexican restaurant tonight and I had my very very favorite food: fish tacos. Another true story. Mmm...mahi mahi tuna...

Well, manana I'm supposed to wake up early so we can hike up a mountain or something before they drop me off at the airport in the afternoon. I'm back to braintown tomorrow night (late). Actually I do like hiking. But I like fish tacos more.

Peace out.

Thursday, November 23

The Incredible Mouth Band


Tuesday, November 21

Pumpkin ravioli and harlots

Highlight of my week last week: hearing my 78-year-old aunt refer to her three sisters, also in their seventies, as "harlots" for wearing red coats. To her priest. Ah, the humor of old women.

This blog has been pretty pathetic lately. Unfortunately, I logged in with the intention of sharing all the blog-worthy stuff I've observed in the last three weeks but have been too lazy to post, and I forgot it all.

One of them was some kind of quote that went: "If Logan here wasn't being such a bitch, I could score him some acid." I think that was in econ (I was going to add "when we were bored," but we're always bored in econ). Another interesting thing to come out of econ when you're bored: a modern-day version of Swift's "A Modest Proposal." We're thinking it would look something like a restaurant chain called, instead of Taco Bell, NiƱo Bell. I can hear it now: "Would you like a fetus with that? How about some 'kidney' beans? A Grey Matter Smoothie?" It's so wrong, I know, but so hilarious.
There's really nothing interesting to note in this blog, but I'll try to actually post now when I come across some gold.
I have a page 162 college app essay I could post, but it's not very funny- I actually decided not to use it because it was too emotional.