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Monday, January 22

"Well, considering the fact that a kid threw up in it, I'd say the hot tub is definitely closed."

I just got back on Sunday after spending the weekend in Duluth. It was definitely an interesting trip.
We were supposed to leave directly from school on Thursday, but it turns out that my mom got in an accident with my uncle and totaled her car. So, after a slight delay, we dashed off to Duluth in the most stylish of vehicles, a white rental minivan. We ate dinner at Olive Garden, spent the night at a hotel, etc.
On Saturday my brother and I went skiing at Spirit Mountain, and while we were there a skiier- some guy in his twenties- lost control, crashed into a tree, and died. We figured he was dead when his body was still laying in the snow an hour or so after it happened. Really sad, and kind of weird to see him laying there.
I also saw Mick's sister at Spirit Mountain. Kind of strange.
Oh, and I spent Sunday morning listening to a lecture on head trauma. The Power Point was pretty graphic, too- people without jaws, faces, or brains. Or with steak knives in their ears. Or buck knives in their foreheads. Or...

Sunday night I also went to a "fun day" for Miss Nisswa contestants. Umm... yeah. Mrs. Minnesota 2001 taught us how to walk down the runway. Stay tuned for satire.

I had other amusing anecdotes (vocab!) to relate, but unfortunately one day of lang has wiped them from my memory. I'll let you know if I remember. Oh, and if anyone can help me finish the sentence, "I would be a great Miss Nisswa because...," please let me know.


At 1/23/2007 6:55 AM, Blogger Jules said...

...i am the only one with two legs left, i'm the only one without child, and i know how to freebase cocaine...

you can't lose!

mick says: "whaaaat?? i have a sister?!"


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